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About EasyPosture

Easyposture is a company that developed as a result of treating office workers' back, neck and shoulder pain  and sporting injuries in the City of London.  More often than not people come back for treatment on the same areas.  Rather than just treat the area, EasyPosture helps find the cause of the problem. So whether you have repetitive strain injuries through work, or you wish to prevent or treat sports injuries, EasyPosture can help. EasyPosture provides: sports massage; Pilates classes; stretches and posture exercises; posture workshops and desk exercises for employers.

Pilates London EC1

View the pilates page for more details on how Easyposture can help you.

Sports Massage London City

View sport massage to help you with your sports injuries.

For office workers  Learn how to sit at your desk pain-free
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For sports people Achieve your optimum performance


For employers Prevent RSI, back, neck and arm pain in your workplace

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